WhisperPower Achieves Impressive Results in the First Half of 2023

In the media | September 5, 2023

Now that everyone has returned from well-deserved holidays, it is high time to keep everyone informed of the recent developments in the first half of 2023, this time at WhisperPower Group.

A brilliant first half year

The first half of 2023 has proven to be extremely successful for WhisperPower. Compared to the same period last year, WhisperPower has achieved a remarkable sales growth of almost 50%. This impressive performance exceeds even the high expectations, despite an already healthy order book for the period. This is a testament to the resilience and innovative power of WhisperPower Group.

Whisper Power

Challenges and Growth

It is important to be transparent about the challenges that have arisen. Compared to the budget, some small concessions have been made to the gross margin. Nevertheless, all product groups contributed substantially to the overall growth. The group of diesel generators and associated installation accessories in particular have delivered impressive performances. In addition, we see a steady increase in demand for our composite systems with Lithium batteries and our power electronics, which are marketed under the name OctoPower.

Geographic Distribution of Success

WhisperPower remains mainly active in Europe, with notable outliers in countries such as Poland, Germany, Spain/Portugal and Italy. In America, work recently started on establishing a dealer network for the sales and service of WhisperPower products. The maritime sector continues to play a prominent role in both numbers and turnover, followed by the professional mobile markets and defense.

A milestone shared with pride is the major order from Saab Technologies AB that WhisperPower received in 2022. This order concerns the design of Mobile Containers for the American and Dutch armies and has definitively established WhisperPower in the defense world. This diversification in activities has proven to be a great success and strengthens WhisperPower's position as a market leader.

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