ICD Sustainability working group welcomes ASML

No category | October 9, 2023

Sustainability is central to today's business world. The pursuit of greener and more responsible practices is becoming increasingly important, not only for the environment but also for the business itself. The key to real progress often lies in collaboration and shared knowledge. This was recently confirmed when the ICD sustainability working group had the honor of receiving Pieter Broos, ASML's Reuse program manager.

ASML, as a global player in the technology industry, has significant influence over its supply chain and is taking active steps to improve its sustainability performance. During the session, Broos shared insights on how ASML is further integrating the 'S' in QLTCS and intensifying collaboration with the supply chain.

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It was educational for many to hear about ASML's approach in the field of ESG and how they carry out various pilots in the chain. The focus was mainly on remanufacturing and reusing parts. This concept, while promising for sustainability, brings new challenges for suppliers. For example, how do you assess used parts? How do you ensure that repaired products are in top condition for reuse?

Another point of lively discussion was System Health Monitoring. This is a topic that is currently receiving a lot of attention within the ICD companies, especially given their recent R&D projects in this area.

The session with Pieter Broos was both enlightening and inspiring. It emphasized the importance of collaboration in the industry and the need to continuously learn and innovate. Such initiatives and shared knowledge can pave the way to a more sustainable future. The ICD sustainability working group is very grateful to ASML and Pieter Broos in particular for this insightful and valuable session.