'Shared Knowledge Innovation Learning Lab' – SKILL

In the media | October 2, 2021

Oliemolenstraat, Drachten

The monumental building on the Oliemolenstraat in Drachten has been renovated and given a new name that does justice to the function of the building: 'SKILL, Shared Knowledge Innovation Learning Lab'. A place where you can innovate together, share or exchange knowledge and do research. A place where students and business meet and work together on the future.

As an engineering student, you can work with the latest technology, such as co-bots, 3D metal printers and artificial intelligence software.

In recent years, ICD has worked hard together with Philips Drachten and the support of the Municipality of Smallingerland and the Province of Fryslân to realize this modern shared facility building, which will play an important role in the Northern Netherlands region.

“Technology stronghold Drachten wants to be a magnet for the North”

– Irene Overduin – Leeuwarder Courant
LC article SKILL


SKILL is an abbreviation for Shared Knowledge Innovation Learning Lab. The name describes the core of the building's function. Here you can share or exchange knowledge, innovate, learn and conduct research.

SKILL also means skill, in this building you can gain skills. It is also a place where students and business meet.


In 1966 this building was sold to Philips. Before that it was a multi-company building with an important role for the region, now 55 years later this is an important meeting place again, the circle is complete.

Collaboration with the Province of Fryslân and the municipality of Smallingerland

The beautiful energy-efficient building provides space for a lecture hall, 11 meeting and training rooms, an office space for the ICD and an ICD laboratory / test room – focused on R&D projects. 

The renovation was made possible in part by the municipality of Smallingerland and the province of Fryslân. These important partners also see the importance of the function of this building in order to better train students and to provide an answer to the lack of well-trained technical personnel, which is so important for the high-tech region around Drachten.

lecture hall