Jan Post quartermaster Artificial Intelligence hub

News | 11 November 2020

Jan Post, Professor of Digital Fabrication at the University of Groningen and Director Strategic Partnerships at Philips, is the quartermaster for the Artificial Intelligence hub.

Jan Post

The Northern Netherlands AI hub is a new network organization that brings together companies, knowledge institutions and other organizations that work with Artificial Intelligence (AI). As a quartermaster, Jan Post will strengthen and further expand existing partnerships. 'This means that we are happy to welcome new parties,' says Post. He believes that far-reaching cooperation offers great advantages. 'For example, a more favorable business climate or the chance of extra funding for research and development.'


The AI hub Northern Netherlands has three themes. These are sharing data, investing in knowledge about digitization and AI and developing autonomous systems. The themes link all kinds of things together. Think, for example, of energy, healthcare, smart industry, water, agri-food and mobility. 'We are committed to the responsible sharing and linking of data in healthcare. This makes it possible to conduct large-scale research into diseases and healthy aging.' According to Post, the AI hub also focuses on developing an AI computer together with partners worldwide. The result is that it is faster and uses less energy than current computers.


The ambitions of the AI hub Northern Netherlands are in line with the action agenda of the Dutch AI Coalition. This coalition is committed to accelerating AI developments in our country. Moreover, it connects all kinds of initiatives with each other. The AI hub has received kickstart funding for this. Knowledge institutions, companies and other organizations such as Innovatiecluster Drachten have been working together for many years for the development and application of artificial intelligence. With the hub, the Northern Netherlands must build up a strong position in the development and application of artificial intelligence.


Partners in the AI hub Northern Netherlands are: University of Groningen, Hanze University Groningen, NHL Stenden, Van Hall Larenstein, UMCG, ASTRON, New Energy Coalition, TNO, Wetsus, Philips, Innovatiecluster Drachten and Metal Union and FME through Smart Industry Hub.