July 24, 2023

Students win Prestigious Sibbele Oosterhaven Innovation Award

NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences Students Proudly Present their Robotfuture Research and Win Prestigious Sibbele Oosterhaven Innovation Award. Friday 14 July was a special day for the students of the second batch of the Associate degree (Ad) Industrial Automation and Robotics course at NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. They proudly presented their research during a...

July 19, 2023

Successful Students NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences Celebrate Graduation Ceremony at ICD

A special day at Innovatiecluster Drachten (ICD) when the first batch of students of the dual 2-year HBO program Associate degree (Ad) Industrial Automation and Robotics of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences received their well-deserved diploma on 14 July. The festive moment took place in the SKILL building in Drachten, where the students also take their fascinating lessons...

July 17, 2023

Automatic packaging in letterbox format

Spark Technologies has provided one of its packaging lines, the CVP Everest, with an innovative upgrade. This extremely fast packaging machine, capable of producing up to 1,100 custom boxes per hour, is now capable of producing packaging as small as 28mm high. This makes the shipping packaging suitable for most European mailboxes. The new...

July 14, 2023

ICD to participate in NWA Skills@Scale project

Innovatiecluster Drachten (ICD) is proud to participate in the prestigious NWA Skills@Scale project, which focuses on the development and utilization of skilled workers for sustainable employability. Various knowledge institutions, such as Saxion University of Applied Sciences, the University of Twente, Innovatiecluster Drachten and partners from the business community and the social sector are working together on this. The project is funded by the National Science Agenda...

June 9, 2023

A day of robotics adventure

The ICD 'Robo' event took place on Saturday 3 June, simultaneously with the Philips Drachten family day. ICD and other participating companies gave impressive demonstrations on how to interact with innovative robots. In doing so, they provided visitors with a spectacular robotics experience in which the robots almost literally got in their way. Various demonstrations of...

June 6, 2023

Fieldlab CAMPIONE: Innovative Collaboration for Smart Maintenance and AI

On May 30, an inspiring information session and tour took place at the field lab CAMPIONE at World Class Maintenance in Gilze en Rijen. A number of delegates from ICD companies visited the field lab, a special building on Ericssonstraat, which now serves as a place where companies and educational institutions collaborate on 'smart maintenance' projects. In addition to an information session...

May 27, 2023

Inspiring FSE Career Day

Read here the retrospective of the successful participation of the Innovatiecluster Drachten in the inspiring FSE Career Day. Explore career opportunities and skills in math, chemistry and engineering.

May 11, 2023

ZiuZ launches new software release for MedInspect – more efficient bag inspection

In the first quarter of 2023, the dedicated ZiuZ team worked hard on the development of MedInspect. This brand new software release offers a range of innovative features to take bag inspection to the next level, making the process more efficient and effective. An important addition is the possibility for training and validation...

May 8, 2023

Artificial Intelligence and Dashboarding: The key to new insights

discussed challenges and opportunities associated with collecting and analyzing data in the modern age. Expert Theun Prins of YP Your Partner shares his insights in the field of remote sensing and data analysis in this conversation. This article summarizes the main points and highlights the role of artificial intelligence, dashboarding and actionable action in this rapidly evolving field.