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Innovation Cluster Drachten

Where High-tech Innovation connects

We are a group of high-tech companies in Northern Netherlands that work together on solutions for future challenges at the cutting edge of technology. We call this the Big 5 of high-tech: metal 3D printing, remote sensoring and big data, robotics, visual intelligence and renewable propulsion. We use the latest technology and, if needed, we develop it ourselves.

Our R&D departments work together in a unique way and, instead of competing with each other, support and reinforce each other. Every year, we create more than 50 innovative products worldwide.
These products contribute to society in the areas of safety, simplifying the operation of complex systems, providing access to data that improve food quality, and tailoring them to individual consumer needs.
Our collaboration is called Innovatiecluster Drachten and is centrally located in the smart factory region of North-West Europe.

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